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Happy 13th birthday to The Anatomy of the Tongue in Cheek!

Anonymous said: This is super embarrassing how do you pronounce relient ?? (I'm so sorry)

Pronounce it however you pronounce “reliable,” but instead of “able” it’s “ent.” It’s kinda like r’lie-ent.

Collapsible Lung is one years old today. Can you believe it’s been a year?

Anonymous said: do you know why forget and not slow down isn't available on iTunes? and do you know if there's anywhere else I can get a digital download of it? I had to re-purchase all my relient k when I got my new computer and I miss having forget on my iPod! it's my favourite album

I’m not sure why it isn’t available on iTunes. Honestly, you can download the album anywhere- Amazon if you want to pay, or some other website if you don’t. (google forget and not slow down free online or free zip or something along those lines). You can also usually buy the physical CD for pretty cheap on eBay or Amazon. 

bluedabadeee brought up a very interesting thing: the video for Must Have Done Something Right is no longer on youtube. Luckily I had it saved on my computer, and so here it is.

This time it isn’t an album that’s a cool number of days old, it’s a member of the band.

Today Matt Thiessen is 12345 days old.


Happy 11th birthday Two Lefts!

chiisuchi said: the video was so great, you did an awesome job! I sent in my video yesterday through your ask box, did it not come through?

No, I guess it didn’t. Sorry about that.. Next year! :)

And here’s the birthday video to Matt Hoopes!

There were times of random music… I don’t know why either. 


Image and video hosting by TinyPicSo yeah. Thank you to all who sent in videos and messages!!

So I suddenly had a good idea for Matt Hoopes’s birthday… Since the most that most of us do is tweet to him, and he does so many nice things for the fans of Relient K, I think we should go the extra mile this year.

So, if you can upload short clips of you saying “happy birthday” or something along those lines on YouTube, and send me the links in my ask box, I will put them together into a video and send it to him. His birthday is on February 15th.

If you have any thoughts or questions don’t be afraid to ask!

It’s pretty weird to think that the time between the day of the self titled album’s release and the day of Five Score’s release is the exact same amount of time between Five Score’s release and today.

This blog is 2 years old today!